High Blood Cholesterol, What You Need to Know, Essay Example


Source of material: National Institutions od Health, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

This pamphlet provides important and detailed information regarding high blood cholesterol levels, what may contribute to this condition, and how to manage it effectively. The content describes the different cholesterol numbers and their meanings, including LDL (bad), HDL (good), triglycerides, and the desired statistical ranges. This information represents an opportunity to explore the different needs of patients who present with high cholesterol after blood tests have been completed. The information also addresses risk factors for such conditions as heart attacks and heart disease as a possible consequence of high cholesterol. Finally, the content addresses diet, exercise, weight, and possible treatments for high cholesterol. The information is appropriate and thorough for the intended audience.

Rating:  2
Literacy Demands

The information is rather detailed in its content and provides a significant level of clinical background regarding high cholesterol. However, some readers who do not have a high literacy capacity may find the information to be too difficult to process because of some of the vocabulary that is used in the content. Furthermore, the use of different acronyms throughout the pamphlet may be confusing to some readers who cannot keep these acronyms straight in their minds.

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The graphics in this pamphlet are appropriate and are not overdone or excessive. These graphics provide a basis for attracting attention to the important facts of the pamphlet, and also convey the critical importance of such factors as regular checkups, exercise, diet, risk factors, and the impact of high cholesterol on the heart and the body as a whole.

Rating: 2
Layout and Typography

The font of the pamphlet is somewhat small, but this is necessary because there is a significant amount of information to present to the public within the pamphlet itself. For an individual who has visual difficulties, it may be slightly difficult to read all of the information. However, the layout of the pamphlet is appropriate for the content, and is broken down into separate sections, using charts and images to break up the text in an appropriate manner.

Rating: 2
Learning Stimulation/Motivation

The pamphlet is a key motivator in enabling people to read about high cholesterol and its impact on the body and its organs. This allows people to start thinking about their own health and wellbeing and to consider getting their cholesterol tested to see where their levels lie. If they have already been tested, the pamphlet will provide further guidance regarding how to manage different cholesterol levels more effectively.

Cultural Appropriateness

The pamphlet is culturally appropriate for a wide range of audiences who possess adequate proficiency in English. The terminology is also standard from a clinical perspective, so it supports the content at the appropriate level.

Rating: 2
 Overall Rating of Material: 10, 83%
Recommendations for Improvement

The pamphlet is written well and provides a significant amount of information for  all readers, whether or not they are exploring cholesterol for the first time or if they already have concerns in this area. The content provides a number of explanations regarding the issues to be considered and how to overcome or control a high cholesterol diagnosis. This process is important in shaping how patients respond to treatments and prevention strategies. However, the pamphlet might be more appealing with different images that are more realistic, rather than drawings. In addition, splitting the content up using more spacing between lines or a slightly larger font might be more visually appealing.

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