How to Green, Business Plan Example

There is a need for the development of a recycling program to be implemented at Greening Corporation.  The objectives of the program are both to make the company more environmentally friendly and to provide additional sources of income by added taxation benefits.  The firm has identified three distinct areas of recycling capability: (1) Paper (2) Aluminium Cans and (3) Plastics.  These represent the majority of the recyclable items.  The Board of Directors are keen to demonstrate the social and corporate responsibility in being environmentally friendly and taking initiatives to effectively deal with waste management.

In order to qualify for the taxation rebates the Company has to demonstrate a minimum quota of recycling.  In the first instance the policy will be implemented on a purely voluntary basis and it is hoped that the program will be enthusiastically adopted by all employees.  If we fall short of projected quotas we may look at making certain elements of the recycling program mandatory i.e. that of paper and plastics.  Employees can participate by discarding appropriate waste materials in the various recycling containers located around the premises.  In addition, by promoting the concept of recycling within each of the business areas.  Leading by example is contagious and others will quickly follow your lead.  The firm has also located shredders in each department and these should be used for waste paper.  This also helps protect security in the company by ensuring sensitive information is disposed of properly. (Environmental Protection Agency, 2012)


Re-Cycling Procedure
Paper Products Use Shredders & Recycling Bins provided Waste Paper, Cardboard, shredded paper etc.
Aluminium Cans Used individual marked bins in Cafeteria and Break Rooms Drink cans, aluminium cans
Plastics Marked Recycling Bins Plastic bottles etc.


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