Human Performance, Research Paper Example

Exhibit 1 | Training Topic Needs Assessment

In this model we identify the Company and the specific department for carrying out the Training Needs Analysis.  In this first instance we are taking a holistic approach looking at the type of training topics or programs that are required within the organization.  This serves three points of analysis. In the first instance it examines the current needs assessment in terms of what training is required immediately, secondly the type of training that will be required in the future – looking ahead some 3,6,or 12 months from the current date.  The analysis will also serve as an excluder clearly stating the type of training that is not required or will not be provided in accordance with Company policy.

The Training Needs Analysis in spreadsheet format, as illustrated within Exhibit 2, is a more comprehensive drilled down version of training requirements.  This will be the micro analysis of the training needs requirements.

  • Job Position – The job title within the department is defined
  • Department – The Department within organization is defined
  • Required Training – High level description | Another worksheet defines the detailed level
  • Course Title – General description of the course title providing the training
  • Description – Macro level description of the training – curriculum provided on another worksheet
  • Existing Training – Yes (exists now) No ( does not exist right now)
  • Availability – Internal, External, Distance Learning
  • Provided by – Details of training provider
  • Development – Course needs to be developed or Course exists now
  • Development by – Company developing the course

Spreadsheet models facilitate linkages, drop down menus and recording of greater detail in supporting worksheets where appropriate.