Images of Organizations, SWOT Analysis Example

Strengths and limitations of the machine metaphor

In an organization managers take part in designing an organization. He/she often designs a formal structure of jobs into which people can take part/placed. When there is a vacancy in an organization, managers refer this as having a space (slot) to fill. Our training and education aid in making us get used and feel comfortable in our appointed place. This gives the organization strength to proceed in a rational and efficient manner.

The strongholds and restrictions of the device as a metaphor for organization are portrayed in the restraints and strengths of mechanistic firm in operation. It is obvious that mechanistic approaches to organization work excellently under the following circumstances:

  • Where there is task to undertake
  • Where the environment is conducive. Products produced are appropriate ones.
  • Where one intent to produce the same product over and over again.

Limitation is a fact that mechanistic definitions of job responsibilities encourage many organizational members to have mindless aspect in them.

Is there a significant difference between organization that see changes as normal part of their environment and those that do not?

In understanding of relationship between organizational and the environment. It should be known that living systems are (open systems) it is characterized by ongoing cycle of input, internal transformation. The element of openness facilitates the major relationship between the environment and the internal functioning of the system. Environment and system are in a state of interaction and mutual rely on each other.

The significant difference between organization that see change as normal part of their environment and those that do not is the free nature of biological and social systems. The extend of openness always differ; some open systems may reciprocate only too little range of inputs from the environment. A machine that is capable of regulating its internal functioning in accordance with alteration in the environment can be categorized as open system.