Irony, Essay Example

Once a group of friends and myself decided to play a prank on our teacher. the prank involved using a boy in the class who had a prosthetic eye. Instead of a real eye, he had a glass eye because he’d been in a dirt-bike accident in grade-school. What we decided to do, was to have the one-eyed kid, who was named Ralph, take out his eye. Then we splashed his face with ketchup and gave him a snapped-off pencil to hold up to his eye. he then went screaming into the classroom of a teacher who didn’t know about his glass eye, acting as though he’d just plunged a pencil into his eye.

Of course, the teacher leaped up and starting shouting for someone to call the nurse or an ambulance and all the kids in the class were gasping, shouting and pointing. My friends and I were out in the hall, just outside the open classroom door, laughing so hard we couldn’t see straight. In fact, we were laughing so hard that the kid who was holding Ralph’s glass eye dropped it on the hard hall floor and it shattered into a thousand pieces. At that point, the joke was over because the prosthetic eye was worth a lot of money and now somebody was going to be in a lot of trouble. The worst part about it was that, at this point, the school nurse and eventually the Principle were called in.

The irony of the incident wasn’t only that instead of pulling off a funny stunt, we wound up getting ourselves in trouble. The irony also included the symbolic fact of the glass eye shattering as if to show how blind we all were for following one-another in a stupid prank that was destined to hurt someone no matter what happened. If we’d been successful we’d have given a teacher the scare of her life for nothing and possibly undermined her ability to think and act in an emergency at a later time. The other potential danger was that we’d go on repeating the gag again and again until something really tragic happened.