Kidzart Franchise Business, Research Paper Example


In 1990, founders Shell Herman and Chris Cruikshank of KidzArt specifically thought of giving back to the community. Relatively, they wanted to do what they do best while also creating a better sense of direction to the people in their community. Their goal was to uplift the capabilities of the people to create problem solving ideas that would allow them to face life’s challenges at a better pace. Considerably though, to provide such assistance, proper education is needed. The said founders realized that the enhancement of artistic skills among the human individuals [both young and old] contemplates the possibility of creating a more positive vision on developing problem solving skills as well as critical thinking among the said persons. Noting this possibility, the founders then created KidzArt, a learning program offered to those who would want to hone their artistic skills while also developing better personalities and attitudes among the participants.

While the business started as a basic source of inspiration on the part of the creators, the organization grew into an internationally recognize franchise business that is now even being hailed as one of the top performing organizations in the industry. Sweeping off the feet of several art enthusiasts, most of those who decided to engage in the company’s franchise program were able to gain the best out of the agreement they have signed to comply with. While profiting from the business, they also are able to enjoy the fact that the system offered by the program do not only develop artistic skills and behavioral skills of the participants, it also strengthen family and friendship ties among the individuals joining the program.


The process of marketing that the organization embraces is based upon the representation of social responsibility among those who would want to establish a business that is more than just a profiting machine. The appeal of giving the franchise enthusiasts the chance to seek a business opportunity that would give them a chance to develop their capacity to help out the society indeed creates a better sense on how the organization takes its path towards growth and development in an international level of market impact. Not only is the organization focused on providing business opportunities to the franchisers, it also offers them the chance to make a difference among the people that the business is to affect and the overall condition of the community where the franchise branches are to be established. This approach to marketing has won not only the hearts of the franchisers but also that of the prospective clients of the program that the business offers to the community. The existence of a common platform of online advertising even makes the process of establishing business’ status among the franchisers easier to handle. As the public already knows of the organization and they likely have the understanding on what it already offers, it would be easier for the branches to find clients who are willing to support the cause of the business.                     

Operations Management

Uniformity among all the branches of the business no matter what part of the world is the branch located is a common matter that the organization gives full attention to. Since the ‘mother’ branch or the headquarter promises high-end tools and materials used for the art practice sessions, all the other branches are also expected to follow through the same culture. To make sure this happens, the administrators on the main branch basically control at least 45% of the overall operation of the franchise branches alongside the materials and tools they use for the programs they offer. Although all the branches are given the chance to create art programs that they think would correspond to the local markets they serve, there are specifically core programs that the branches must have in line with being uniformly fashioned with the overall context of the organization’s service provision.

It is very important for franchising companies like KidArt to have a remaining culture that is intact among all its branches. Although the owners of the franchises would be allowed to add in some minimal personal touch to the design of the presentation of the organization, they are specifically in need of following protocol conditions especially when it comes to designing websites or physical establishments that would represent the business in the community they are enjoined with.


For interested franchisees, the business startup cost for KidzArt amounts to a range between $7,795 to $19,400. This amount is supposed to cover the start up setup of the business [including a website specifically created for the established branch], the first-hand operating costs which includes the procurement of materials and tools that are needed to establish the branch’s capacity to offer the service that the organization offers to its clients worldwide. Overall, the amount of investment that is expected to be placed upon the business franchise amounts to $9,990 to $19,900. Most likely though, what makes KidzArt a good opportunity for those who want to start a small business with a solid ground of foundation is that the company itself offers financial assistance especially to those who might not have the grand total amount of investment needed to establish the operations. With $8,000 down payment on the franchise, hopeful individuals are given the chance to establish the business from the ground up allowing them to pay for the remaining balance of operation in a staggered manner.

Human Resource Management

As the goal of uniformity remains intact and is practically recognized as the proper source of foundation for the business’ overall standing in the face of international market. As part of this uniformity, the people who are to work alongside the operation of the business [including the franchisees] are given the opportunity to be trained according to the culture that the business promotes. During such orientation seminars, the franchisees and their employees are to be presented with the mission and vision of the organization and how the business is not just a simple business as it may seem.

This training gives the franchisees see the reason why they engaged in the business and how they are to supposedly handle the operations that are directed towards creating a visible culture of artistic innovation among the branches. Relating such culture to the clients shall make it easier for the whole organization [along with its branches around the globe] to coexist as a unified entity that is defined to serve the needs of the community. Defining their goals and instantiating such idealism on the members of the business worldwide gives a direct impact on how the market would likely avail to gain the chance to appreciate and accept the services that the business offers them with. This way, all the personnel who are to represent the business worldwide would be able to resonate the culture that the organization wants to establish among its people.


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