Leadership Audit Analysis, Research Paper Example

The purpose of being a leader it is not about the title or given direct orders. Leadership is the ability to influence and aspire others to make a difference. Leaders are never really born, however, they are chosen and can be trained up to lead others. The church is a foundation and a place of reverence for followers looking for direction and guidance in their lives. When looking for examples in the bible, leadership skills can be seen from David to Nehemiah. Leaders that are chosen, can be trained up and educated through experiences, education, guidance, and diligence to delegate the growth of others. Leaders are meant to be used as instruments that can be effective tool in leading those that are willing to be lead on the path that God has chosen for them. Aubrey Malphurs defines leadership as the ability to influence others in a particular context to pursue their God-given direction.[1] The job of the church leaders are to help people on their path to seeing God works, and his plan for their lives. This is in order for them to see and understand their purposes, and continue down the path that is lined up for them.

Due to the high value and priorities that are placed, it is essential that those that are following in the footsteps towards leadership must know the correct leadership styles, and their own characteristics in knowing their own strengths and weaknesses. Leadership styles are best learned through hard work and dedication. Self-evaluation and useful resources that help to define what leadership qualities that I might possess. This leadership audit is in combination of an analysis of the audits and the readings that the Malphurs provides. This audit will serves as a tool that will be used as an essential mechanisms in boosting my leadership skills that will help to better serve those that I will lead in the future. This audit is essential in my path to becoming an effective leader, not only to the church, but to those that I will cross paths with in life.

Christian Leader Audit

In the beginning of his works, Malphurs discussed the eight distinctives of Christian Leadership.  From each of the distinctivesMalphurs provides examples of the first century leaders in church.[2] The purpose of the Christian Leader Audit helps to determine not only the strengths that Christian person must possess, but also a leader. The Christian Leader audits a commitment that a person makes to Christ and all his teachings, and their willingness that they have to follow in his footsteps to be used in everyday life. According to the Christian Leader Audit score of 10, which means I am a strong Christian leader. Following in Christ’s path to be an effective leader like him, there were a few bumps in the roads that included highs and lows. In my life I have experienced events that have tested my faith, from illnesses, family matters, and multitude of other events that could have derailed me from trusting in Christ. However, I have always put, Christ first by having faith and trusting in his word, it has strengthened my commitment to him. The purpose of being a strong Christian is being a light to others. When people look to me, I must acknowledge that it was Christ that strengthens me and guides me through my trials and tribulations.

Servant Leader

Continuing with Malphurs in his second chapter, he discusses the servant leadership elements, and the qualities of being a servant leader. The Servant Leader Audit helps in determining if the Christian is also a servant. The Servant Leader Audit is used to assess how the person will serve the members in the church, and more importantly the ability to be a servant leader. On the audit the score received was a thirty-two, and from the score it determined that I was a strong servant.  The ability of being a leader has never been a problem, because I have always wanted to help those in need. Putting people’s needs before my own, is an effective trait that I have acquired throughout my life as being a servant for Christ. People’s best interests at heart is something that is proved to be an effective tool in becoming a good leader for the ministry. The majority of my time is spent helping others within the ministry in any capacity that is needed. It is a part of God’s plan for me to be a servant to the people, and know how to serve to before I can lead.

Credibility Audit

As Malphurs continues in his book, chapter three is deals with the credibility of a leader, and their characteristics of being trustworthy. Characteristics of being a trusting and honest leader is pertinent in the success of being a leader church. The Credibility Audit determines the credibility of a person that is a leader and determines the level in which it takes to be a credible leader. The score received from the Credibility Audit is eighteen, which means that I possess a high leadership credibility. It takes a long time for a person to build up a reputation of being a credible and trusting person to others. Within the ministry it is also essential in trusting others to lead them. It takes five years to for a leader to gain credibility within the ministry.[3] However, by continuing to be a light unto the path of others, I know that in my time my strong convictions, and high quality placed on being a leader to others within the ministry will be seen, and as a leader will gain the level of credibility that I possess, to be seen by others.

Spiritual Gifts Audit

The purpose of the Spiritual Gifts Audit is a means to discover the spiritual gifts that God has bestowed unto that person. The person must be able to work through the one hundred and ten statements that is written in order to determine which areas of ministry that is rights for the skills that that potential leader possesses. The score received from the Spiritual Gifts Audit was a Forty-Seven in the areas of Faith, Apostleship, and Giving. In the areas of Administration and Mercy, I scored as forty-five, and forty-four respectively. I have served as a helped to the church as an assistant, and have always enjoyed the duties of helping others. I don’t expect anything in return but for others to do as I do, and be an example for those to help others around them. With these gifts that I receive, I hope to continue to strengthen my faith, and spirit of giving, in order to continue to build up my qualities of being an effective leader.

Natural Gifts and Abilities Audit

The purpose of the Natural Gifts and Abilities Audit is to help in determining the level of a person’s passion for various occupations and vocations. This audit serves a tool in discovering a person’s unique gift received from God. Within his book, Malphurs shows that every believer and leader will possess one or more spiritual gifts, but not all leaders will have the same gifts. [4] God bestows these gifts not only to believers but non-believers as well. The gifts that I have been born with, I believe that I received from God. The gifts that I have been given are of judgment and wisdom to make the best decisions, and guidance on the path to being a leader. The wisdom that God has anointed to me has helped, and will help guide me throughout my life as I follow God’s plan.

Passion Audit

The purpose for the Passion Audit is to determine the motivations and the interests that are used on guiding a person on its path. The passions within the ministry are to help others on their path to knowing Christ and following down the path that they have been given. The one wish that I have is to be a great leader to others in order to move millions of unbelievers, and believers that have strayed from their path to be closer to God. The pressing needs are the need for more leaders to know how to be servant to others, this is an area where God can use me and the spiritual gifts given to me to be servants to others. This is my strong passion that I would like to pursue in the ministry.

Character Audit (Men/Women)

The Character Audit helps to determine the type of characteristic that a person holds. It outlines the strengths and weaknesses that a person can be possess in order to determine if that person has the ability to be a good leader. The score that I received on the Audit was a thirty-eight which means that I am considered a strong leader, with a stronger character that will prove very credible to members of my ministry. The few weaknesses that I possessed must continue to be strengthen by diligently reading and practicing the words of the Bible, and being a devout person in pleasing God. My faith will continued to be tested, however, by refusing to cave into other’s, and profess my commitments to God, my strong characteristics will help throughout my journey.


In conclusion, the audits are used in helping to build up my character of being an effective leader within the ministry. I am often impatient, however, through God, I have learned that to do things I must work on God’s time, I must have faith, be a servant unto others, and worked to be an example for others through the gifts that were given to me through Christ. Leaders, are meant to be vessels used by God in order to be a light to their paths. Leadership is a skilled that must be fine-tuned, trained, and practiced diligently in order to be a good leader. God has given me the assignment of being a leader within the ministry. It is my duty and my pleasure to continue being a follower to Christ, and the ministry, in order to help and serve others.


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