Lesson Plan Reflection, Essay Example

            In consideration to the learning curves that have strongly been addressed in the lesson plan that has been created, there are some focus points that define the viability and practicality of the lesson itself. To note these focus points, several questions shall be used as the foundation of the discussion to be presented herein. The said questions [followed by the responses of reflection] are noted as follows:

  1. What specific translanguaging/TESOL strategies are used in your lessons? How might they help your students to be more successful?

It is a specific feature of the lesson plan created to motivate the students to utilize specific words that could develop the way they handle proper conversational and written English communication. These words including should, must, in my opinion, for example, as a result, first of all, secondly, lastly, in conclusion are all directed towards making it easier for the students to find the proper terms to connect their ideas in sentences and paragraphs without hindrances on creating transitions between their ideas.

  1. How do your lessons specifically target both the content learning needs and the language learning needs of your students? How have you managed to teach language through content?

As mentioned in the first response, the connection of ideas is the focus of mastery in this lesson. Relatively, allowing the students to successfully connect their thoughts to be able to pass on a solid message to their readers and listeners would provide the proper support they need in increasing their language learning needs. Giving the specific terms to use in their written activity would help the students work out their ideas in relation to how they are likely able to find a more considerable way of proposing their ideas in a more effective approach. Making them use specific terms is a relative challenge that could also increase their vocabulary and the way they mandate the different words they know in connection to how they use each element of language to send out their message.

  1. How does the overall unit specifically address issues of social justice or social justice education? How does the overall unit help students with their social-emotional development?

Since the lesson is focused on immigration and how the students view it, it is expected to raise awareness on the students through motivating them to research on what they are going to write in the content of their work. Exposing them in references and the need to observe their community as well as utilizing their own opinion in relating a useful documentation about immigration shall help the students learn more about social justice thus increasing their social-emotional development.

Knowing the importance of language learning among immigrants do not only provide the students with an idea on what immigration is about, what problems it imposes and how it directly affects the people involved in the situation. The lesson also provides the students to develop concern on how they learn the language [if they are immigrants] and/or how they are able to assist others who are trying to learn the language as well [if they are non-immigrants in the country]. Overall, it further assists students to become aware of their environment, the people they deal with and the problems that come with specific issues such as immigration.

  1. Did your planning during this unit differ from the way you usually plan? In what ways? What was your biggest “take away” from planning this unit?

It was very crucial that the lesson’s presentation becomes highly stimulating to students. Using a common issue that affects almost everyone has been found to be a strong foundation of interest among the learners. In relation to this, the lesson plan that was created was able to establish such source of interest at the introductory part of the discussion whereas the students are involved directly into the lesson presented to them. Asking them directly about their opinion is expected to make a distinctive condition of interest among each student therefore getting them personally involved in the discussion thus stimulating their desire to expand their explanation through writing.

Through responding to the questions posted herein, it could be agreed upon that the lesson that was planned was specifically able to address the different needs of the students according to their level of understanding and the supposed involvement they ought to gain in relation to the connection they establish with the society they are living with.