Logic Model and Evaluation Plan, Essay Example


For the proposed strategy, a comprehensive evaluation of the stroke education program as provided by participants. This will be comprised of a questionnaire addressing the key points of the program on a sliding scale of scores from excellent to poor, as well as not applicable to the participant. The curriculum-based approach will be evaluated in the context of its efficacy for the highest risk groups and whether or not it promotes behavioral changes within this population. The format of the program will be assessed, along with its content as a means of determining if any relevant points are missing or absent from the program to encourage its success.


The impact of the program should be sufficient enough to create new forms of knowledge and awareness for participants in regards to their own risk of stroke within their lives. Therefore, it is likely that a greater impact will not only improve knowledge, but may lead to the prevention of strokes or related symptoms over the long term. This impact should demonstrate that participants take the risk of stroke very seriously within their own lives and therefore, they will seek guidance and support as best as possible to prevent strokes due to other risks, such as hypertension and heart disease.


Over the long term, it is anticipated that the programmatic effort will lead to improved behaviors and a reduced risk of stroke for the participant population. Therefore, an evaluation will be conducted over a longer period of time to track participants and any incidents of stroke or related events that have taken place within this group. It is expected that this information will provide much-needed input and feedback regarding whether or not participants took the program seriously enough to warrant behavioral changes within their own lives.