Marketing Communication Tools, Essay Example

Marketing communication tools are a set of tools a business uses in the delivery of messages and promotional services to its customers. These marketing communications tools are essential to any business as they link directly to the level of business sales. There are numerous marketing communication tools and numerous mixes of these tools that can be adopted by a business entity in supporting its selling efforts. However, an e commerce site like must choose marketing communication tools that are appropriate to the e commerce platform in order to reach its desired customers.

Some of these tools adopted by the Alibaba group include advertisements which promote the entity’s products services and also the business brand.  Direct mail and email campaigns are also used in to generate leads through offers or call to action activities in the website. Newsletters and catalogs are also appropriate for e commerce sites and these may take the form of print or the conventional digital formats, with the latter being more effective in regard to the Alibaba group. Trade shows webinars and seminars also fit into the context of e commerce sites, but the most effective marketing communication tool being the social media.

The social media is a highly efficient marketing communication tool in regard to the Alibaba group since the main purpose is the provision of information which is also the primary objective of the marketing communication tools.  The social media is more efficient as it facilitates feedback on the products and services provided by the business. This feedback is critical as it gives the business a platform to assess customer satisfaction, address customer issues and create a community where the customers of the business can interact. It is through such feedback that the business can provide services and goods tailored to meet the customer’s needs.