Microsoft Technology Plan, Research Paper Example

In recent years, technological developments have created new opportunities for companies to create a more effective operations management structure than ever before. The developments can increase overall productivity, reduce costs and improve the human resource policies. The below paper is designed to create an overview of the change processes that currently take place within Microsoft’s organizational structure due to the technological improvements.

According to a recent publication of Microsoft, Accenture and Avanade (2012), the power of innovation can improve organizational performance. While the technological solutions are widely offered for businesses worldwide, they also show the company’s own attitude towards technological innovation.

The main challenges of the company in developing products is social media, security and cloud technology.

Human Resources

In human resources, after the development of different software and applications, the company does have opportunities in training not only customers but employees online. Assessment within the company regarding competency of systems can be provided by web or intranet applications, reducing the cost of training, selection and skills update.

Functional Business Resources

The delivery of systems is today can be provided online. Customers can buy licenses to all Microsoft products using a safe online payment method. This reduces the cost of administration and provides a competitive advantage to the company. The automatic delivery of updates, security releases also reduces the resource allocation to be used for the task.

Technological Capability

One of the main advantages of Microsoft is the endless number of software and applications available. There is no need for stocking CD-s any more, therefore, the market share can be increased using an online campaign targeting existing customers. This way, Microsoft is able to allocate resources on developing new software and business tools, like they did when they released Operations Manager. (web) Likewise, the company is able to further develop its servers and enterprise development project. (web)

Organizational Abilities

Creating up-to-data capabilities within the company to train employees on meeting customer needs is the main focus of the company. According to the vice president, Tanya Clemons (2005), “Microsoft’s greatest asset is the talent of its people, and providing rich development opportunities for employees is very important to us.”


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