Mid-Term Short Essay Example

Branches of the Federal Government

There are three branches of the US Federal Government, namely:  (1) Legislative (2) Executive and (3) Judicial.  Each of these branches has distinct and separate roles within the functioning of Government.  Each of these has been endowed with specific ranges of power and responsibility.

The Legislative Branch

This branch consists of the Senate and the House of Representatives and collectively referred to as the Congress. Each State elects two senators and there are 100 in all.  A number of representatives are elected based upon the size and state population. There are some 435 members sitting in the House of Representatives.  The branch is tasked with passing of laws and approving allocation of funds. It is there to serve all 50 states and as such is one of the most powerful and influential bodies.

The Executive Branch

Consists of the President, Vice President and the 15 Cabinet members.  . The main power resides with the President and Vice President.  Power is vested in the President VP and those Cabinet members that head the various departments of Government.

The Judicial Branch

Comprises the Supreme Court and the lower federal courts. Responsible for hearing cases that challenge legislation and interpretation of same. The prime function being to ensure that laws are enacted and key policies are enforced to support the daily functioning of the Federal Government.  There are 9 Justices that sit in the Supreme Court and these are chosen by the President. They are subsequently confirmed to office by the Senate and are appointed for life or as long as they elect to remain in office.