My Life, Essay Example

I was born in Hangzhou province in China twenty years ago where I lived until my family relocated to the US in 2012. I am the only child in my family and my parents express a lot of adoration to me. However, living without a brother or sister was a lonely experience for me during my childhood and adolescence. Due to the loneliness that I encountered during my early life, I was generally moody and encountered a lot of phobias. I had to try and fight these phobias because I knew that life must continue. I used to join other children in my neighborhood to get company and play together. Some of them however despised me because I did not have a brother or a sister but I had to swallow the bitterness and have courage to move on with my life. My early life in school was not without challenges either because I did not have anybody to help me with my homework. Our house help was ignorant and never gave me any assistance. My parents assisted me in completing the difficult tasks when they arrived home early. When I finished my homework, I read magazines and newspapers which kept me busy and also aided me in improving my reading abilities. Sometimes I could watch some movies in our TV which helped in controlling my imaginations of life. In my high school and A-LEVEL, my favorite subjects were physics and mathematics which I believe played a vital role in shaping my current field of study.

When we relocated to the US early 2012, I was lucky to be admitted at the Clark University where I am doing my studies now. I have taken Statistics and mathematics which is my choice for my future career as I intent to pursue an aviation course in the future. Now that I no longer live with my parents, I have developed a sense of independence and now I feel that I am a person of high value with a bright future. My interests are to join popular aviation industry and I believe that I have sufficient enthusiasm in my education that will lead to the success of achieving my dreams. During my leisure time, I like watching TV series especially those ones that depict aviation activities. I am confident that the quality of education at Clark University is good and I have no doubt that my chances of success are very high at this institution.

I anticipate that, my seriousness in my studies will definitely give me a god grade and I will secure myself a good job in the future. I also expect that, after some time of working in my future career, I will be promoted to a high rank and I will be able to earn sufficient money to take care of myself and help my parents as they grow old. I usually take my studies very seriously because I encountered a lot of problems in studying during my early life due to luck of assistance in completing my homework. I went through a very difficult time though I made all my efforts to succeed in my academic life. Now that I have developed good academic abilities, I am dedicated to take advantage of my current situation and personality to shape my future life and become a great asset to my parents in their old age.