My Trip to Hawaii, Essay Example


Thesis Statement. The picturesque, unique and versatile state of Hawaii has much more than a beach day out for people looking for an experience for a lifetime. One of the most alluring places I have been is Hawaii, with its warm radiant beaches, bountiful tropical rainforest, and picturesque flowers adorning the island.

I have seen the variety of species, the abundant flora and one of the most beautiful beaches on Earth. The state has loads of views and experiences to offer; warm radiant beaches, bountiful, tropical rainforests, and picturesque flowers. I have had dreams of Hawaii. In my dream,  the aqua blue seas drifted away, and I could smell the sea salt in the water and the sweetness of the fresh fruit that blossoms from the tropical flowers. I imagined myself roaming through the rainforest, exploring as if I were Alan Grant from the movie Jurassic Park.

When my family told me in the morning dashing in my room that we were going to visit Hawaii, I could not imagine the experience and scenes awaiting me. I thought it was going to be a beach day out, but I was wrong. I frantically packed my bags, rushing out of the house with one flip-flop on my foot. When we finally landed in Hawaii, I immediately felt the warmth of the Sun brushing through my shoulder. Everything seemed brighter and happier. The golden sun-rays almost blinded me; they were so bright.

Our bungalow was close to the beach and from my window I could see people on the shore. I immediately sensed the laid-back and relaxed atmosphere. The hypnotic crystal blue waves looked magical, and they reminded me of salt water taffy that I ate when I was a small child. The gleaming creamy yellow sand surrounded the shiny silk ocean. It squished under my feet like a cozy blanket.

Everything seemed to be in perfect natural order on the beach; it was not only picturesque; it was perfect. The humming of the ocean, the soft sand under my feet gave me a sense of security, and although there were many people swimming, enjoying water sports and sunbathing on the beach, I still felt the waves talking to me alone.

After my visit to the breathtaking beach, I walked further to discover an abundant rainforest with the darkest green leaves I have ever seen in my life.  As I hiked through the thick layer of plants and trees on the soft carpet of moss, the sound of the birds chirped and zipped past overhead, while other animals scurried under the brush, shaking leaves and trees.

Going deeper in the forest, looking at the Sun’s rays shining through between the lush leaves, I heard the sound of the cascading waters and I searched through the bush until I caught sight of a waterfall on the side of a cliff. I could not wait to jump into the swirling turquoise blue and aquamarine green spring at the bottom of the waterfall.  I could feel a slimy cold fish rubbing against my feet and plenty more jumping out of the water with their colorful fins, creating splashes shiny as diamonds when they reentered the cool water.

When I walked into the garden, the patterns of colorful flowers on an Oriental carpet captivated me. It was like stepping into a floral rainbow. I grabbed my camera to try and capture the flowers’ beauty and their divine shades, but I knew the image on the screen could not bring back their real wonders.

I found a colorful tuberose-orchids garland near the cold white sandy beach as I walked back, inhaling inhaled the extravagant smells of the magical flowers; sweeter and more divine than any expensive perfume I have ever smelt.

When rays of sunlight illuminated the red, white, and blue flowers. I saw the bees collecting sweet nectar from the flowers and the slimy worms sprouting from the soil but each flower let off a heavy but sweet aroma that was seducing and unforgettable.

As we took a red and white checked blanket down to the beach and ate crunchy sandwiches while we watched the waves roll in like quiet giants towards us. As the day ended, I felt at peace in the tranquility of the calming ocean breeze. My trip to Hawaii has changed my views of nature and the beauty of the world we live in forever, and the experiences I had will influence the rest of my life.