Needs Assessment, Essay Example

  • What are your client’s two most important needs?

The client’s two most important needs are proper knowledge on stress management and how to overcome low self esteem. It is due to stress that client has succumbed to discomforts such as headache and stomachache. These discomforts cannot be attributed to any particular diseases since there are absences of any known common diseases associated with the two conditions.

  • What local agencies could you contact to make referrals (use your research skills to find

The local agencies to be contacted for referrals are community based counseling organizations and community based psychologist in the nearby health center.  Counseling would help the patient to overcome problems such as low self esteem. In this scenario, counseling would enable the client to build self confidence and hence improve self esteem.  The psychologist from the health center would help the client to solve such problems like stress. The psychologist would enable the client to learn good stress management strategies would be aimed at identifying the sources of stress and methods to eliminate the identified sources (Aherne, 2009).

  • What identified needs should be met later in treatment and why

The categories of needs which should be met later in the treatment are proven and inferred needs. For instance in this case, the proven needs are those that emanate from the data collected during the assessment. From the assessment it is evident that the client’s father is suffering from cancer and this worries the two parties.  The cancer problem can be solved later by arranging proper medical assistance for the father and also organizing for the way out to care for the sons during the father’s treatment. Inferred needs in this case are those which result from the diagnosis of the client’s medical condition. The client does not suffer from any disease which can be attributed to the cause of headaches and stomachaches (Gillam, 2010).

  • What role do support systems play in the recovery/treatment/therapy of your client

The role of supports systems in the recovery, treatment and therapy of the patient is to organize family therapy programs aimed at ensuring bonding for unity.  The support systems also offer psychotherapeutic involvement aimed at bringing the client’s conditions to normalcy. The centre also provides education to the family members on problems affecting them as groups (Gillam, 2010).


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