Network Security, Essay Example

The most surprising thing that was evident in Chapter 2 of the module was the contribution of hackers to the network security. It was surprising to learn that hackers are ever present with objectives of devising some tricks that are directed to the network users to deceive them to download suspicious malware and sometimes act in response to prank emails. The remedy to this trap was raising alerts to the authorized users in the network about the dangers that can come with such tricks the importance of maintaining a high profile of security measures in the entire network. It was also surprising to learn that hackers target the employees of an organization and it is important for the management to engage the entire employee fraternity in rigorous training programs together with effective orientation as they start using the network system in the organization (Alexander & Michael, 2001).  Changing of passwords after sometimes is a recommendation to the employees and regular updates to the employees about security tips is an important consideration for the IT department in trying to eradicate the threats caused by hackers.

The most difficult thing that was evident in Chapter 2 of the module was the contribution of the internet in cybercrimes and cyber terrorism. The high level of nuisance that is associated with cyber terrorism surpasses that of the nuisance viruses which deny a user access to the services (Colarik, 2006). Cyber terrorism is cited as an extreme case which can potentially result to physical and financial harm to the victim. With the rapid increase in the pervasiveness of the internet in major areas of human activities, the anonymity that is associated with cyberspace can be used negatively by some people.


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