Network and Computer Security, Essay Example

The most surprising that was evident in Chapter 1 of the module was the network threats that are exposed to employees together with ex-employees. It was fascinating to learn about the potential financial theft, sexual harassments, sabotage and intellectual property thefts that can be caused by the use of the network. The knowledge of computer virus, spyware and malware was an exciting adventure. The contribution of criminals in network security issues in frauds and black markets and stealing other peoples’ money was an interesting issue in this chapter. It was surprising to note the threats posed to employee data and the credit cards information that are consequently used in frauds and extortion practices. The network threats are used at the advantage of the attacker to mislead their victims to do something that is against the interests of the victim (Davis, 2009).

The most difficult thing that was evident in Chapter 1 of the module involved the botnet. The believes that are held by majority of the people is that zombie computers are used in sending most of the spam. But according to the module, it was evident that ordinary computers are used but sinister codes are infected in the system to allow a criminal agent to have a control on the seller of the services to the DDOSers together with spammers. It was also difficult to understand the logic behind the high number of PCs, upto 30% that have been botted and the way that majority of zombies are able to run Windows (Comer, 2000).  The danger caused by botnets is higher in magnitude as compared the threats of spam and criminals have entered in to this enterprises with a staggering level of intrusion.


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