Product Offering: Fukushima Nuclear Plant, Research Paper Example

The Fukushima Nuclear Plant in Japan faces a challenging marketing struggle since it was affected by the tsunami on March 11th, 2011. Since that time, there have been numerous reports of nuclear leaks and exposures to radioactive material. However, there exist key aspects of the purchase decision process for the major market for nuclear energy from the plant. There exist five crucial stages that will be vital influencing and determining the purchase decision process.

Problem Recognition

There is a great need for the sustenance of the Fukushima Nuclear plant. This is because, Japan, as a growing economy, does not have enough resources in the energy sector to fully sustain the growth and development rate of the country’s economy. (Haugtvedt, Herr, & Kardes, 2008) The Fukushima plant is one of the largest energy sources in Japan.

Information Search

It is crucial that information on sustenance and upgrade of the Fukushima nuclear plant is carried out. This is vital to not only stop the radioactive breaches currently existing within the plant, but to also upgrade the plant to full production capacity, enough to sustain and bridge the current energy gap existing within the country. The consumer needs to be engaged in an active information search rather that a heightened attention or passive search. This will help identify the possibilities available for the sustenance of the plant.

Evaluation of Alternatives

Here the consumer is engaged in the evaluation of the alternatives at hand that may help enhance the Fukushima nuclear plant’s performance and upgrade (Rajagopal, 2010). There is need for the development of an evaluation criteria where the objective and subjective characteristics that are crucial for the energy consumers within Japan. After this, the consumers will decide and eliminate most of the possible choices through ranking. In the case where no suitable alternative is found, the option at the top of the list is selected.


One the most viable alternative is selected, an offer is placed on the market where interested companies that are capable of carrying out the chosen option can place their bids (Rajagopal, 2010). The Fukushima Nuclear plant’s purchase will majorly be influenced by the attitude of others and the unexpected situational offers. The marketers also have a crucial role to play, as the bearing of this decision lies squarely on their level of involvement.

Post-Purchase Evaluation

After the purchase, there is need for review of the efficiency of the contracted individual and/or company involved in the execution of the chosen alternative (Robertson & Kassarjian, 1991). Whether the upgrade or repair of the plant is chose, there is need for follow up on the efficiency of the strategies, techniques and technologies employed in the execution of the selected alternative.


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