Progress Report of Recycling Program for Greening Corporation, Business Plan Example


Recycling is a process that is used to convert material discarded waste into new products which is used as valuable resources. Recycling, made through our committee, have not only reduced the volume of waste disposal but also filtered the dangerous chemicals that pollute the air and water through improper waste. With the maintenance of Clean Environment, this eco-friendly process assisted us in financial and economic spheres.

Decisions on what items that will be recycled

Common household items like plastic bottles, cardboard, scrap metal newspapers, aluminium, glass, soft drink containers, steel cans, rigid plastics, chip board, waste oil, yard waste, wood, metals, rubber and leather possess waste materials and they can be recycled by the firm. The so-called recycled materials can be used in innovative applications such as recovered glass in roadway asphalt or recovered plastic in carpeting, benches, and pedestrian bridges.

Locations of recycling bins

As the process of recycling is needed near the Break area (adjacent to vending machines), General Office (Shredder) and Warehouse (Stores), the bind will be suitably placed. In addition, the common areas such as mail rooms, printer locations, and other portions will be covered if needed.

Progress of Achievement in Recycling Program

Through this excellent way of saving energy and conserving the environment, our committee has achieved immense progress. Our recent projects on glass bottles, tins, plastic bottles and others offered us 70% of revenue, besides saving energy and environment.

Anticipated program when the program may begin

The Recycling program can be started once the firm gets the perfect planning, awareness and the financial support. The programme will begin sooner with the directions received. However, we are continuously in search of new technologies, which enable in converting materials into new valuable products. Product stewardship such as take-back programs will be designed in future especially for handling e-waste.  By providing awareness education about recycling to students and implementing zero-waste initiatives, we immensely aim in achieving potential targets.


By undertaking valuable suggestions and recommendations from the team members, we set preliminary long, short term targets and goals. These include developing a plan, which ensure recycling protocols and procedures for attaining better progress. We feel effective communication and co-ordination as the main criteria for a successful Recycling program and heartily welcome the changes to be suggested from your side.

We anticipate for your suggestions and recommendations. Kindly let us know well in advance.


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