Protestant Reformation and Conquest, Essay Example

Protestant reformation

Reformation could have occured100 years earlier. This view is arrived at after looking at what caused protestant reformation. There was rampant dissatisfaction with the church found at all levels of European society. Majority of believers (Christians) were finding rituals not beneficial in their struggle for personal salvation. What was experienced was a move from salvation of the entire group of persons to more personal and individual thing.

The sacraments had lost value. The papacy had lost its spiritual influence over its followers this was as a result of increased concerned towards secularization. To expand on this bishops and popes were acting like kings and princes something which discouraged people; they had abandoned their positions as spiritual guides of the people.

The acts of leaders were not pleasing, for instance clergy had become lax, corrupt and immoral. Popes engaged in business of buying and selling high offices, they sold indulgences. This increased wealth of the church which led to increase abuses of every kind.

The conquest

The conquest organization was of significant. Leaders were chosen based on their reputation and past achievements. To ensure success was attained agreement was formulated between the leader of the conquest and the representatives of the Spanish. This agreement authorized expedition in fulfillment of a promise to pay a fifth of all wealth to the winner. Rewards were made in accordance to contract with premium paid for special service and valor.

Spanish success was attained as a result of their ability to use horses as opposed to Indians who were still in the Stone Age technology. The Indians were weakened by epidemic disease and salient ally; this gave a plus to the Europeans to trample over them. The Indians had internal divisions and rivals among them, this weaken them hence being defeat