Racism In Daily Life, Essay Example

Racism is oftentimes something that most people do not want to talk about. When it is mentioned, most people duck their heads and become quiet. It is likely because we have all been guilty at some point of having or saying something that was racially charged. Even though most humans try to think and act appropriately, there is a great deal of racism that continues on a daily basis. There are always news reports and legal issues that bombard us on a daily basis; however there is more than what is reported on the news.

Speaking from personal experience, I hear some type of racial slur or comment, almost on a weekly basis. It is usually when people are in groups and some type of joke will be made about someone of another race, religion or sexual preference. It is not uncommon to hear these things, and sometimes they are worse than others. In most cases, as stated above, the person claims to be kidding and if they are confronted they will simply say that they meant no harm. It however is obvious that they do have some resentment behind those feelings. Sometimes people kid harshly about things that bother them or they consider important issues. They hide behind the pretext of joking if someone calls them on their actions or behavior, which make it difficult to rectify.

The most common jokes come from being out with friends and there will be a comment about how a person of a different race did something that they shouldn’t have done. The comments then begin from others regarding, “well you know how that race behaves or well they always do stupid things”. It is derogatory and lumps that entire race into one category, which is the basis of racism and hate. This has especially been the case toward African Americans, since President Obama took office. There are so many jokes that poke fun at him and his race. The comments and ideations that people assume, because he is black, is extremely derogatory.

Another common source of racism in daily life is the jokes and crude comments about homosexual individuals. In many cases comments are made about and in some cases to couples that choose to be in like sex relationships. I have heard comments made, at work, to homosexual couples that were racially charged. For example, one coworker made the comment to an interracial couple that was in a like sex relationship, that interracial or homosexual couples should not be allowed to get married under the eyes of God, because their relationship was a sin. She went so far as to comment that the couple would likely go to hell because of their choices. These comments are based on her own personal opinion, and while she has the right to her own opinion, she should not project them onto others. Jokes about homosexuals are made on television, in the movies and online all the time, just as jabs at a person’s ethnic background.

In conclusion, there are many anti-racial campaigns, however the comments and inappropriate actions continue in everyday life. These behaviors are based on ignorance and should not be tolerated. It takes each person to stand up and question these comments, each time they are spoken. I believe that is the only way that racism will be quashed and people will live in true equality.