Rando Systems Learning Team, Research Paper Example

Communication Styles

The communication styles employed changed to informal methods and thus, the organization employed the electronic mail, which contributed to communication breakdown. Team members’ communication process eroded due to the presence of distrust, poor organizational communication and relationships were adversarial. In addition, peculiar market recognition speech by the new personnel proved difficult for them to learn the sophisticated products since the personnel were not familiar with the organization. Another factor that contributed to the communication breakdown was the time differences that led to the loss of messages. In order to communicate with team members, I opted to use a face-to-face method of communication and modern technology that included the use of virtual methods. This method enables employees to communicate critical information and share ideas therefore; message was relayed in a timely and professional manner. At times, the method is time consuming, but it builds on teamwork between members because they share on ideas and experiences that contribute to the growth of the company. In Rando’s case, different communication methods employed contributed to misunderstandings in the organization because delivery of messages was not prompt. Nevertheless, the team decided to incorporate methods that were modern, efficient and comfortable for all departments in terms of message delivery and minimal loss of information due to time differences. Poor communication in the organization jeopardized the operations of the company, but with time, team members adapted the styles that improved their market share. This also contributed to the smooth running and flow of information in the organization.

Communication Methods

From the readings, it is evident that most managers and employees preferred the use of face-to-face communication and virtual methods because they are efficient and effective. My team employed these methods as well, during the course of the project and proved beneficial. This is because team members would share ideas, experiences and challenges they faced, which was part of learning for many individuals. In addition, most team members became motivated and learn from other people’s experiences. Hence, the rating of such a method was high since the outcomes were positive and measurable. The validity of suing this method was evident in terms of performance among team members in the course of the project. All individuals contributed to the project and were able to complete within the stipulated time. Furthermore, the use of virtual methods encouraged members to embrace technological advancements and was made aware of the direction taken by people in the globe. Sophistication in technology has led many to understand and appreciate the research carried out with regard to improving the lives and lines of communication. In summary, the rating looked at how team members attained their desired goal, effectiveness and efficiency of methods employed. It is evident that these factors contributed to

Group Dynamics

During the course of the project, interaction between team members improved and trust was built among them. This enabled the team work together in a harmonious way that saw them helping each other and listening to one another’s views and opinions. The introduction of the charter was helpful because it contributed to directing the behavior of team members. Responsibilities were fairly distributed, and thus, every individual was equal to the other and this gave them confidence in handling challenges and problem solving techniques. Majority of the team members adhered to the charter, but there were some who tried to oppose the charter. Those in agreement with the charter were guided by them, and this enabled them specialize in areas that one was confident in accomplishing. Furthermore, division of labor was encouraged, and this saw many team members work hard to attain their goals. The most common challenge in the group was disagreements, and this led the team leader to use a method that would see to it that all members presented their views and opinions. This method was helpful because all members were given a chance in contributing to the development of the project.