Scientific Method, Essay Example


This is the main step in a research course in understanding the study problem. The decision on area of study and specific question to be asked has to be researched on everything that entails the problem. Information can be collected from experiences, internet, and books. An example of such a scenario is a tomato garden that has small and big mangoes. The experience elicit interest about the problem and makes a person to learn about the reason plants grow.


The next stage involved in the scientific process is called hypothesis. The term means a probable explanation to a problem, founded on knowledge as well as research. The hypothesis, which is a simple definition, describes what a person thinks about the experiment outcome. The hypothesis of the situation deals on whether the degree of sunlight has an effect in the size of a mango in a garden. In cases that a person makes use of a mango, experiment the hypothesis would be whether the sunlight amount a mango plant receives has an effect on the size. If that is the hypothesis then the more sunlight a mango plant receives then the larger the mango grows.

The hypothesis is founded on the plant requiring sunshine to be in a position to make food by the process of photosynthesis. This means when there is a lot of sun there would be more food for the plant and thus the mangoes become big. Informal and exploratory explanation of plants found in the garden with more sunlight seems to grow bigger.


The tomato experience to prove the hypothesis is increasing sunlight amount to tomato plants as the process would lead to increased size in comparison to identical plants, which received similar care, but limited light.