Several Technical Issues to Be Encountered by Microsoft Company in Future Business Endeavors, Research Paper Example

Given that the operation of the industry to which the Microsoft Company is enjoined with continues to take a larger step every year, it could then be expected that the consideration of corporate function also increases each time the business tends to expand the ways by which it operates for the market. The global information system that governs the industry today specifically has made it possible for Microsoft Company to make their operations of existence more global that specifically concentrated on local considerations.

Due to this, virtual offices connecting one branch to another in a global scale has become a common factor that identifies the operation of Microsoft company braches around the globe. This operation however does not come with good matters alone. Notably, there are some technical issues that the company administrators have to deal with especially when it comes to communication and security matters between branch connections. Among the said problems include technical measures of network connection glitches. Due to increased traffic in the internet, there are instances when members of the organization connected through the company network experience glitches therefore causing several problems especially when it comes to the completion of some tasks that are supposed to be finished within a due time.

Another issue to give attention to is network and data security. Given that the operation is online, there are instances when it cannot be avoided that several strings of codes in the network gets altered therefore making it easier for outside hackers to access the information in the private network of the company. Nevertheless, Microsoft administrators try to continuously make sure that their operations remain intact and secured through creating software programs that would improve the firewall coding of their networks operating online. Understandably though, it could not be denied that such problems would continue to increase through time especially that the scope of the internet enlarges each year. Given this, continuous operations and discoveries towards progressive and safe computing is expected to be considered by the administrators of Microsoft in the coming years.


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