Sindirella Man, Essay Example

Once upon a time, there was a young boy.  He lived with his evil stepfather and two stepbrothers.  The boy’s name was Bob.  Bob was an effeminate boy who despised sports and normal activities that boys his age engaged in.  For this reason, his two stepbrothers picked on him ferociously and called him names like “sissy” or “girly-boy.”

Bob’s real name was Robert, but no one called him by his real name.  Actually, Bob preferred the name “Bobby” because it fitted his personality.  His stepfather pushed Bobby to play baseball, football, and other sports, but Bobby hated sports.  In fact, he was horrible at sports.  Bobby was a writer; he loved to write fantasy stories.

In fact, Bobby had a “magic” pen.  This magic pen sparkled in the light and was pink with lavender sparkles covering it.  Bobby’s true self came out when he was with his magic pen.  Bobby called his magic pen, Lavender.  Bobby would talk to Lavender about the different stories that he wanted to write, and Lavender would write them down.

Lavender and Bobby became best friends and Bobby brought Lavender to school one day.  The school kids in the hall laughed at Bobby because he was so thin and “pretty.”  This was extremely hurtful to Bobby, but he knew that his friend Lavender was by his side.  In fact, Lavender was in the backpack in Bobby’s pencil pouch.

Getting through the day at school was a major accomplishment for Bobby, considering that he was picked on all the time.  Bobby would often confide in Lavender about how one day he wanted to be a famous writer and really show those bullies.  Lavender considered this for a while, and developed a plan.  One day when Bobby was doing his homework, Lavender flew over and whispered in his ear, “So you would like to become a famous writer?”  Bobby said, “Why, yes indeed!”  Lavender said, “Then your wish is my command!”

It was school break and Bobby was relieved that he wouldn’t have to deal with the bullies at school.  He and Lavender could spend all summer working on Bobby’s book.  Bobby’s stepfather, however, had other plans for him.  His stepfather forced him to join a boys’ summer baseball league.  Bobby protested to his stepfather, but it was no use.

After practice one day, Bobby sprinted up the stairs and ran into his room.  He ripped his shoes off and flopped down on the bed and sobbed.  All of the commotion woke up Lavender.  Lavender listened while Bobby told him all about how the boys picked on him at baseball practice.  Lavender consoled the boy and felt sympathy towards him.   Lavender decided to put his plan into action.

Lavender spiralled up to the ceiling and sprinkled fairy dust all over Bobby.  Suddenly, Bobby stopped crying.  He got up from his bed, and went directly to his desk.  Bobby began typing with enthusiasm.  He stayed up all night on his computer.  All the time that Bobby was writing, Lavender was spinning fairy dust over the keyboards, but Bobby did not know that it was there because it was invisible fairy dust.

Bobby typed for an entire week, and missed all of his baseball practices.  He would not open the door for his evil stepfather, nor was he distracted by his stepbrothers throwing stones at his window.  Bobby was in a zone.  He was writing his fantasy novel.  As Bobby finished writing, Lavender descended to his desk.  Bobby looked up from his keyboard, and then he caught a glimpse of his own reflection in the mirror.

Bobby couldn’t believe his eyes, he just couldn’t believe it!  There before him stood someone that he did not recognize.  This person was tall, muscular, handsome, masculine, and athletic.  Tiny Bobby was no longer feminine in appearance, nor was he meak in appearance either.  His voice was deeper than it was before he had started writing.  Lavender the Magic Pen was nowhere to be found.

Lavender the Magic Pen was nowhere to be found because it was only a figment of “Bobby’s” imagination.  This new person in the mirror, “Robert” did not need, nor would he be caught dead with a magic pen or fairy dust.  Writing had turned Bobby into the young man, Robert.  Lavender the Magic Pen’s plan had never been to make “Bobby” a famous writer.  Lavender the Magic Pen’s plan had been to give Bobby the ability to become Robert.

Writing was the tool by which the effeminate, thin, clumsy boy turned into a virulent young, athletic man.  Not only did Robert go on to become the baseball team’s starting pitcher, he also was the starting quarterback of the football team later that year.  Robert did not know it, but his friend Lavender the Magic Pen was by his side, sprinkling invisible fairy dust on him day after day.  Robert also entered his fantasy story into a writing contest, and as things would have it, he won that too!