Skokie and Citizens United vs. F.E.C, Essay Example

The issue on whether or not private corporations and other communications organizations are to be put on hold from supporting any candidate for elections developed a great impact on the primary structure of the American Election operations then, now and in the future. The Federal Election Commission stood in its position against the condition of allowing corporations and private entities in supporting particular candidates during particular election schedules. Given that the corporations and business entities are considered as private citizens, the court intends to recognize the fact that they have the right to decide who to support when it comes to election events. Nevertheless, to retain the balance of exposure between candidates, the court intended to point out that there should be the establishment of specific rules and limitations that would specify particular requirements that supporters of candidates should be able to respond to before they could actually provide the support they wish to give to the individual candidates.

The Citizen’s United imposes that such movement by the court remains to be an unconstitutional indication to ban free speech through imposing the limitations that independent communications intend to impact the campaign of particular candidates. Relatively, the result of this case in favor of the First Amendment, it could be realized that the court recognized the capacity of corporations and private citizens to have unlimited capacity to speak about their opinion especially regarding individuals they intend to favor during specific election schedules. Relatively, this condition of response to the right of each individual to his own opinion is effective enough in giving each person a sense of influence to the society, especially in relation to the capacity of huge corporations to utilize their monetary funds to support candidates they favor. This case specifically notes the possibility of future candidates to get the attention of business corporations for support, which would greatly impact the decisions of voters in the years that come.