Social Learning Theory and Cybercrime, Essay Example

Internet as a communication tool has played a greater role in transforming human lives in the contemporary world.  The device has become part of the human culture in the present world, for some people in the society; the tool has not only become a communication device but a source of livelihood. The following are some of the common benefits that are associated with the internet technology in the world: internet has become the fastest mode of communication that allows faster transmission from one point to another, for instance people can communicate over Skype regardless of their geographical locations (Britz, 2009).  Internet technology has also enabled people to handle their banking transactions online, for instance most banks send account details to their clients through the internet. People can also sell and buy goods and services online. Researchers rely on internet as a good research tool that supplies adequate and reliable information for research. Internet technology has played a  great role ensuring the development of E-commerce which has greatly transformed the state of online business  in the society (Rowland, 2010).

However despite the aforementioned benefits, internet technology has come with some disadvantages especially in areas of crime. The technology has seen the emergence of online fraudsters, for instance financial institutions such as banks have been worse increasing rates of frauds due online transactions.  The technology has also pose a lot of security risks on vital and confidential information, for example hackers can get access to confidential information. Organizations and individuals in the society have lost important information to hackers and thereby posing a greater risk to the businesses and individuals. Hackers can access personal information and use it for identity theft (Rhee, 2009).

The learning theory which posits that learning is based on observation, mental conditions and may influence a behavior change is very applicable to the situation of the internet technology. Internet as an environmental constituent has been observed and made into good use; however others have learnt how to model it for their evil intentions and hence social crimes (Rhee, 2009).


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