Stereotyping Males in Media, Essay Example

Masculinity is often regarded in media as an important mater that defines males in the society. The condition of masculinity however is considered in many different manners. Due to the existence of commercial development, it could be realized that the assumption of masculinity based on physical appearances. Such presentation then involves the distinctive indication on how clothes and other physical accessories actually reconstruct the being of a person. Hence, for those who may not be able to define their being through such additions in their physical being, they may not be able to completely realize the value of being a ‘man’.

When it comes to morals, gone are the days when a true man is defined by his capacity to provide for his family or to stand according to his roles and responsibilities. Today, the need to prove one’s manliness through acquiring several women through flirting and practically sharing sexual relations with them has become more than just a hobby, but instead a manly necessity. The morality behind being a good father has slowly lost its value making it easier for men to leave the women they share a night with even when they accidentally conceive children with them. Later on, becoming a father becomes more important than becoming a husband. The relationship that is shared by the fathers with their children in latter lives is more highly regarded in media than that of being good husbands as such matter is often related to lust rather than to sincerity.

Another point of focus is on the aspect of liberalization whereas men are encouraged to be ‘true to themselves’; in this case, men who feel that they ought to be women are given the chance to actually find a way to express themselves more freely. Although they are already considered as members of the third gender society, they are still considered as men only taking a different stance in relation to their values and behavioral preferences.