Supporting Materials: Critical Thinking Questions, Essay Example

  1. Taylor Swift is not a qualified or relevant source to use for a supporting quote
  2. The numbers quoted could be rounded off to make them more effective. It is not necessary in the context of a speech to use that much detail.
  3. The person being quoted may not be representative of all drive sunder 25, so his or her experience is too specific to use for generalizations.
  4. The respondents to the survey about gambling were all visiting Las Vegas. It is likely they would be biased, and their answers cannot be used to make generalizations about “the American people.”
  5. This statement does not identify the expert.
  6. This statement confuses “median” with average,” which are not the same thing.
  7. American Airlines is not an objective source of information about its own services. An independent study would be more appropriate to use as supporting material.