Survey of Buckhannon, Research Paper Example

The phenomenological community has been selected. This community takes in universal interests or predicaments of a society. This community was chosen because these grouping share common benefits, requirements, resources, and environment. In addition, the phenomenological community does not essentially share geographical borders, as does the community of geopolitics. This paper will look into crime and crime rate within Buckhannon, WV, 26201 (, 2013).

Buckhannon, WV, 26201 is found alongside the Buckhannon River, in addition to being the Upshur County seat. By the year 2010, the whole Buckhannon populace is 5,639, which had minimized 1.50 percent since the year 2010. The rate of population growth is minor compared to the state standard rate of 2.47 percent and is considerably lower than the nationwide standard rate of 9.71 percent. Buckhannon median home income is $34,425 within the year 2006 to 2010 and has risen by 46.98 percent since 2000. The income development rate is considerably higher compared to the state standard rate of 28.70 percent and in considerably higher that the nationwide standard rate of 19.17 percent (, 2013). Buckhannon median residence value is $103,500 within 2006-201, in addition to growing by 44.96 percent, since the year 2000. The development rate of home value is greater than the nationwide standard rate of 30.62 percent and is lower compared to the nationwide standard rate of 50.42 percent. As a reference, the nationwide Consumer Price Index (CPI) rate of inflation for the similar time is 26.63 percent. On average, the community school district, which covers Buckhannon, is nearly the same to the state standard in quality.

The crime rate of Buckhannon WV, 26201 is lower compared to the West Virginia standard rate of crime, in addition to it being lower, than the nationwide standard rate of crime. Research in West Virginia, along with additional states shows that listings there were forty-two registered sex reprobates who live within Buckhannon, WV, 26201 in October 2013. The percentage of the number of inhabitants within Buckhannon, WV, 26201 to the quantity of sex reprobates is 132 to 1 (Neighborhood Scout, 2013).

Type of Crime 2009 Estimate
Violent Crimes 331.2    (9.30%)
Murder 91
Forcible Rape 526
Aggravated Assault 4479
Burglary 12941
Robbery 1041
Larceny 34149
Vehicle Theft 3056

The above table demonstrates criminal information for Buckhannon WV, 26201 within the year Information includes projected counts for criminal acts taking account of rapes, killings, thefts, break-ins, and more.

Buckhannon WV, 26201 is underneath a Mayor-council administration system. Buckhannon’s city mayor serves as a tough mayor. Buckhannon-area chronological tornado and seismic activity are in close proximity to West Virginia state standard. The amount of natural disasters within Upshur County (12) is close to the United States standard (12). Key disasters that were declared by the president were 10 while 10 emergencies were declared. The causes of the natural disasters include floods, Storms, Landslides, Winter Storms, Mudslides, Snowfalls, Blizzards, and Hurricanes. Upshur County has anticipated standard indoor radon level of screening to be between two and four pico curies for every liter (, 2013). Proportion of inhabitants who reside in poverty within 2011 is 22.8 percent, which is 23.3 percent for Non-Hispanics who are white, 37.8 percent for residents who are black, 21.2 percent for inhabitants who are Hispanic or Latino 0.0% for inhabitants who are American Indian, 5.4 percent for other race inhabitants, and 11.9 percent for two or additional races inhabitants.

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