Taracare INC. Discussion, Essay Example

  1. Is Alfredo Diaz correct in being concerned that the company is making poor progress towards improving their delivery performance and quality?
  2. One of the issues that Alfredo raises is that the company selected a different kind of paint to reduce costs, but they are required to use more paint in order to achieve the same quality of work; ultimately, this is costing them more money than it’s worth. Since Alfredo hasn’t run the numbers and is making this assumption, he should take the time to do the actual calculation. How should Alfredo determine whether the paint cost is actually losing him money?
  3. There are complaints against Taracare regarding the time it requires to bring the products to the store. How can the company enhance this service?
  4. Should the company continue adding new features to the product that are difficult to produce, and will these new features make the product too expensive to produce? How can the company determine whether this action is worthwhile?
  5. Should the finance department be primarily responsible for making the decision in question 4? What could the head of the company do to ensure that each division of his team knows their responsibilities and privileges?