The Civil Rights Movement, Essay Example

The civil rights movement denotes a chain of events that was characterized by demonstrations and campaigns by African Americans. These events were in demand for equal treatment of all citizens irrespective of their race. After the abolition of slavery, regulations aimed at giving the freed slaves, equal rights with the other citizens were put in place. Although these regulations existed, they were not enforced, and this resulted in the segregation of the African Americans. It is for this reason that the civil rights movement emerged with an aim of ensuring equal treatment of all citizens.

Unlike most movements, the civil rights movement did not adopt violent methods but instead embraced nonviolent approaches that were eventually successful. These nonviolent methods adopted by the movement included boycotts, protests, gatherings and sit ins. Although these nonviolent approaches did not seem to work at first as they were met with violence, the resilience of the movement eventually made these strategies remarkably effective especially as a result of the march on Washington. This march was supported by both blacks and whites and, as a result, the movement gained more influence. The civil leaders organized and also advocated for equality by taking part in these events.

The reason these leaders and the movement wanted to transform America was that all citizens were equal before the law, and as such each citizen must be treated equally and without racial prejudice. Equal recognition of all citizens was the primary objective of the movement and this recognition was achieved through the enforcement of regulations on equal rights by the government and public authorities. The activities of the civil rights movement gave way for the adoption of policies that worked to ensure these regulations were strictly enforced.