The Effects of Columbian Exchange, Essay Example

The condition of the world and the way humans produce their own resources has historically created a great impact on how societies are separated from one specific groups of individuals apart from the others. This also made it easier for the specific communities to develop cultures apart from the others. For many years, people were disconnected from each other because of their identities. Relatively though the existence of trade and the act of exchange between nations through the Columbian exchange [history] has changed all this subtle picture in the human society.

One specific impact that the Columbian exchange left in the society is that of the manner by which crops have been exchanged between regions and have been developed through time. It could be realized that somehow, the crops that were not naturally found in the European regions have been brought to them through trading and exchange procedures handled from the Americas. This affected so much how several procedures are actually developed in relation to the condition of producing crops and several agricultural products that are not available in some regions. Several adjustments were considered and likely studies and researches were developed to make sure that that the agricultural conditions of specific areas are well altered to house the production of particular crops that are not available to the region. In a way, this introduces new sets of agricultural operations while also giving way to new sets of produce that further developed new crops.

Another specific impact is the creation of connection between nations through trading and economic exchange. This particular factor impacts the whole world’s economy and the manner by which one country relates towards another. Before the Columbian Exchange, instances of trading between nations was not as possible as it seems at present. Trading only occurred between neighboring regions. However, with the effect that was seen through the Columbian exchange operations, nations began to become interested in expanding the way they want to trade their products. The market for international trading operations specifically changed dramatically.

Another point to consider is the development of the ideals of globalization. Relatively, with the trading exercises that developed during this era of the world’s history especially relating to the options of exchanging products between nations, the chance to connect with other countries have been given birth. Globalization is basically the process of internationalizing the conditions of relating from one country to another. Understandably, this increased the hope by which one nation is able to relate themselves with others, create friendships and alliances. In this case, both the political and social conditions of countries engaged in the international trade began to change and living conditions have started to develop accordingly.

Development of culture and interrelation between nations and their people is one of the most dramatic matters that has been affected by the Columbian exchange. While people began exchanging their produce, they have also started sharing their culture and their lifestyle with the others. This is obviously proven by the interwoven cultures that the world is currently dependent upon. Notably, this matter is also greatly affected by the pursuance of globalization as part of the process by which international relations developed through time. The Columbian exchange procedures started a worldwide phenomena that is now causing nations to exist in relation to the connectivity that they create specifically in relation to the alliances they form and the political relations they establish.

Overall, the Columbian exchange history did not only affect the way crops have been exchanged and developed through time. It basically shaped the overall condition of the society in an aim of improving the way the economy operates in an international scale. Most often than not, social critics value this change as a great matter of development that specifically adjusted the life of the people living in the society. The modern way of living has been especially affected by this movement in the history. Notably, the past specifically implicated change that the human societies at present experiences. Apart from all the products that were exchanged during the time, culture and lifestyles have also become a part of the elements that were exchanged between nations. Notably, the birth of the ideals of globalization has also been given way because of the implications of the possible connections that could be created between nations as imposed through this part of the history.

Humans tend to accept development especially when it comes to the hope of becoming much able to enjoy the leisure they most want to enjoy. The production of new crops and other different produce from the field of agriculture specifically gave way to new other items that provide a better source of enjoinment and satisfaction. More than this, such developments branch out to other conditions of social adjustments that later on affect the overall living of the human society especially like that of what happened during the Columbian exchange history.

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