The Story of “The Biggest Nightmare” Summary, Essay Example

1.In the essay “The Biggest Nightmare,” Jason, the primary character, experienced a panic attack within a nightmare. Other characters are named but the only other character truly involved in the description is Jason’s mother, who awoke him from his bad dream.

2.The  story took place in Jason’s own mind during a nightmare when he was asleep in his own bed at home. In his dream, however, Jason was attempting to get inside of his home but not without extreme difficulty. Once he went inside, he became terrified at what he discovered: complete silence.

3.This story comes alive because it represents many descriptive images and vivid details in each paragraph. From experiencing a feeling of dread and hopelessness to sheer terror, descriptive details make the narrative a success. The writer’s depiction of Jason in a state of panic is so real and it brings the reader along with Jason on this difficult journey. The depiction of Jason’s panic attack within his nightmare creates a multi-layered approach to describing the circumstances surrounding his dream and why it took place. A stark contrast between the typical noise and activity of Jason’s home and the deafening silence that he experienced are important descriptions to take away from the story.

4.This story is told from Jason’s point of view in the first person, as he was the individual recalling what he experienced in his panic attack within a dream. Narrating the story in the first person is an important method of getting points across in a realistic manner. The story’s point of view is consistent because Jason experiences significant obstacles that the reader believes are real and not a dream.

5.This story matters because it conveys what happens to many people at one point or another, as panic attacks and nightmares are common and challenging to overcome. This story serves as a reminder that people who have these experiences should be taken seriously and provided with as much support as possible to get past these events.

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