The Struggle of Human Rights, Essay Example


The speech of Eleanor Roosewelt in Paris, Sorbonne is written in a way that it is able to create engagement with the audience, get people connected and emphasize the importance of preserving human rights. The below essay is going to examine the rhetorical tools used by Eleanor Roosevelt.

Logos. The main thesis of the speech; the importance of maintaining freedom and human rights is clearly communicated through the speech. The speaker says:

“I believe, of our chance of peace in the future, and for the strengthening of the United     Nations organization to the point where it can maintain peace in the future “. She clearly wants to ensure that world politics and the United Nations step up against totalitarian dictatorial states like the USSR.

Ethos. The credibility of Eleanor Roosevelt is also addressed in the speech. As the longest serving First Lady an author and an equality activist. She stepped up several times before against discrimination.

Pathos. Pathos is the rhetorical tool that is used the most throughout the speech. This is what creates a real connection with the audience. Talking about past historical issues like the French Revolution in front of an audience in Paris is a great choice, just like involving current issues, like the lack of freedom of speech in many parts of the world, especially in the USSR.

Style of Speech. The speech examined in this essay is definitely written in a Toulmin style, as the moral argument is already decided and one can suppose that the audience already agrees with the statement that freedom of speech and human rights are values that are important for democratic societies. She also confirms: “The decisive importance of this issue was fully recognized by the founders of the United Nations at San Francisco.”


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