The Translation of Sophocles, Essay Example

The translation of Sophocles’ Antigone by Robert Fagles specifically raises a question of accuracy especially when it comes to identifying the correct translation of one term to another. Relatively, the phrases and the word choices that Sophocles used in assuming the condition of presentation that he wanted to push forward for his audience to understand the thoughts he wanted to share with them. The original piece of the said literature specifically entails the distinction on how the Greek grammar actually mandates the condition of development that the characters Eteocles and Polyneices had to undergo to be able to develop a course of personal improvement.

In the story, Sophocles specifically showed the differences between the two brothers specifically indicating on their behavioral being. Relatively, such differences made it possible for the story to turn out to point on what is specifically important for the characters to take into account especially in consideration to the representations that they are supposed to handle in connection with the listening audience. The poem in itself identifies with the ancient Greek community and their beliefs. It is because of this that the process of translation on the part of Fagles plays a great role on how such value is transformed in the English language therefore affecting communities using the English language same as it did in identifying with the Greek community.

Overall, although some parts in Fagles’ translations were rather weak [as exact word-translations] are not completely available for use, it could be analyzed that Fagles tried his best to make sure that his translation is able to provide a distinctive presentation on what Sophocles would want to show his audience especially in connection with the message of recognizing the role of the deities in the directing the lives of the people; a particular foundation of ancient and current human culture that remains intact up to these days.