Understanding Customer Value Concept, Essay Example

The field of marketing is one of the ever changing elements in modern business operations that face the distinctive conditions of modern challenges to business existence. Relatively, one of the most important advancements in the said field includes the distinction of marketing operations based on mobile channels. One specific feature of mobile channel marketing is the utilization of apps as a major part of business campaign. Apps or mobile applications are among the primary reasons why smart phone or smart mobile users frequently visit the internet and desire to gain more control of its system. Relatively, these apps are also used by business operators to promote their business through pop-up ads. Most often than not, it is the free-apps that gain much popularity from common smart phone users. Nevertheless, there is a catch on the apps being free of charge; the ads that come with it. These ads are often pop-ups. They are designed not to intermittently affect the function and/or operation of the application but instead stand as a background to the entire application.

The manner by which a pop-up ad catches the attention of the client is what makes the ad competitive with all others from other businesses. The more precise and attention-grabbing an advertisement is, the most likely it is to get the attention of the public. The capacity of a business organization to populate the current popular apps with its most effective marketing ads is based on the administration’s capacity to know and research upon which specific applications are most likely downloaded by typical types of users. This way, the businesses would be able to identify well with the users and their behavioral preferences hence notably understanding whether or not there is a chance that these group of mobile users would actually accept the product or service that they are offering in the market. For instance, for-girl games are often attractive to girls and women ranging from at least eight years of age towards 19 or even higher. Putting up a pop-up ad that would relatively appeal to the male population might not work properly at this instance, however putting up a girl-related product like dresses sold online, would of course be able to get the interest of those using the app.

Allowing options of being connected to social networking immediately also provides an edge to particular marketing campaigns. For instance, in facebook, an ad that is easily shareable among peers gets more popularity rate than that of the ads that are stagnant and are simply posted to populate public information. Selling through the internet has become a common ground of operation for many business owners and one of such important channels include the utilization of social networks as one of the most effective options of ‘telling’ the public of what  is in, what is new and what is basically interesting. In this manner, marketing through social networking simply recognizes the capability of the market to promote he product to peers and other probable prospective buyers of the product or appreciators of the service.

To make the distinction of a successful form of marketing through mobile channeling, it is important to note how being brief and ‘flashy’ pays off for the sake of this approach. Brief basically means concise and direct to the point. For others, this principle means intriguing and/or controversial. Other instances of marketing that might use this consideration could consider ‘viral’ as an option of a marketing strategy that is used through mobile-operations. Being flashy on the other hand involves the impact of the ad on the client’s visual interpretation. The more flashy the ad is, the more likely it would be able to catch the attention of the target market hence generating desirable results for the whole organization involved in the said marketing strategy


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