Understanding the Culture of American Divide, Essay Example

The divisibility of the society the exists in America has not been fully recognized until the entrance of the 21st century when global camaraderie was exposed as one of the most important cultures around the globe. Relatively, the irony is that globalization was supposed to bring in a better sense of realizing what being unified beyond racial discrimination is about. People from different nations come into the American territory and somehow, it could be noted that these people begin to change their being and try to amalgamate with the culture of the Americans. Considerably, it could be accepted that the existence of division in the society is not based on race and national identity anymore.

As noted through the readings, it could be understood that the larger cause of division in the American society is that of the economic status of the people in the area. It is rather obvious how economic status specifically indicates s a sense of personal identity, a condition that further notes the capacity of a person to either be accepted or not accepted in the society. This is the reason why people from all races and nationalities strive hard to be a part of the American society [that is considered acceptable and specifically surviving]. Aiming to define themselves with both material stability and material possessions, it could be realized that the division of the community is able to further manifest a sense of distinction on who among the people in the society are likely to be considered survivors and achievers accordingly. True, the distance between the poor and the rich is expected to remain huge and perhaps even grow larger in the coming years. This particular system of new culture in the country is expected to affect the being and the thinking of the people as well as how they put division amongst themselves; a much real presentation as two why the American dream of a unified society is more seemingly impossible today than the years in the past.