Vincent Mod3, Essay Example

As an avid gamer, one of the most popular games out, and the game I recently played with my friend is Grand Theft Auto V. It is manufactured by Rockstar North, released this year, a few weeks ago, and played on Xbox 360.  Within the game there are several product placements throughout, and embedded music which includes; Porsche, Audi, Range Rover, Lamborghini, Dodge, and other cars. Apple, Sony, Shag-A-Gamer, and a number of equivalent knockoffs. The embedded music includes a variety of music featured on a radio that plays different genres of popular music such as; 80’s, 90’s, and today’s popular hits.Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most popular games in America, in just a few days it made a billion dollars. Throughout the game it allows for user interactivity where players can join their social network and interact with other members and game applications. A game becomes social if there are many people who take interest in the game and discuss it on several platforms. The makers and fans of the game create forums, groups, and pages on networks such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to discuss and share information.

In Grand Theft Auto V there are no levels to be mastered instead it is an open world action game, where the player completes missions in order to earn money, and advance throughout the game. The characters that are given allow for customization of hair, body modification, clothing, and accessories (cars, homes, luxuries). When missions are achieved money and medals of achievement are rewarded. The game is good for knowing what not to do in situations. There are several racial and gender stereotypes where there are gangs that are mostly black that sell drugs, and are violent, rednecks with country accents and other stereotypical factors, strippers that are degraded,  prostitutes, middle eastern terrorists, stereotypical rappers, and others. One mission is very controversial, where a captured “middle eastern” terrorist is captured and tortured for information using waterboarding, gasoline, pliers, gun, and other torture weapons. When the fugitive doesn’t give adequate information he has his teeth pulled out, water boarded, and beat. The scene can be seen as a satirical look on the government’s take on the use of torture, and the stereotype of middle easterners. More importantly it is one of the more violent parts of the game that the user can choose which weapon they want to torture the fugitive with. The information received is then given to another character that is used in assassination of a supposed terrorist. Because the fugitive didn’t give an accurate description, the assassin has to guess by a Middle Eastern looking person with a beard.  This has tones of racial stereotyping prevalent throughout the game. As an avid gamer, the experience is fun however new discoveries include, the use of social apps helping with gameplay.

Several businesses uses a variety of gamification methods on their social network which include IBM that uses Kudos Badges. Kudos Badges allows users to earn badges and enabling them to view top contributors of IBM through IBM Connections. They are able to rise in their rank by posting status updates, creating blogs, sharing files, and recommending files to gain achievement levels. IBM Connections is a professional network used to connect customers and IBM contributors for IBM services, articles, and product information. Grand Theft Auto is an action game that gives players the freedom of choices in missions, and activities throughout the open world platform. What they have in common is that users of both games receive rewards that are useful to the users, and each complete tasks in order to receive each reward.