What We Do in the Same Situation, Essay Example

Example situation: As the editor in chief of a local newspaper, a writer submits an article for publication that is improperly cited.

As the editor in chief of a newspaper, it would be my responsibility to make sure the newspaper gets printed properly, attractively and on time. You do not wind up being editor in chief of a newspaper by slacking around and doing sub-par work- only through going above and beyond the call of duty do people succeed in the workplace. Once someone enters a role of management, such as editor in chief, they take on a wide range of responsibilities they did not have as just a writer, an editor or perhaps graphic designer. Now its the person’s job to make sure that everyone in the workplace is meeting the expectations of the company.

If I were editor and chief of a newspaper and one of my writers handed in an article that was improperly cited, I would be tempted to fire them if not put them on probation. What may seem like a minor error could jeopardize the integrity of the entire newspaper. Saying an article is improperly cited is just a polite way of saying that the information was stolen. That is plagiarism and will bring down a newspaper faster than quicksand in the desert.

First strike for such infractions would probably include a temporary suspension, a writing penalty that involves lengthy assignments just to practice citing correctly, or even potentially a permanent removal from the job depending on the gravity of the mistake. If it is a writer who happens to be a repeat offender, they would be undoubtedly fired.