Zoning in New Hampshire, Research Paper Example


Zoning is the method used by local administrations in land-use arrangement. It separates different sets of land uses. Zoning may normalize uses of land, use of green space, density, building stature, and lot analysis. The analysis of New Hampshire’s zoning process reveals various aspects.

There are numerous systems of zoning in New Hampshire. The first is the residential zoning, which applies to groups or individual family divisions. This zoning includes duplexes, houses, single-family hospices, flats, and trailer parks. Individuals within residential zoned areas must obtain a variance, which allows them to use the allocation for business activities. Residential zoning has subtypes such as the R-1, which is for a single family, R-2 for the duplex and R-4 for four-plex. Commercial zoning applies to properties such as offices, retail stores, bars, strip malls, shopping malls, and nightclubs. The subtypes of commercial zoning are C-1 and C-2. Warehousing and manufacturing operations undergo industrial zoning the subtypes of this zoning are L1, L2, RV, MH, and R-PUD.

Individuals who want to get zoning changed have a convincing reason for the change. They can show how their plans will profit the public. The second step is to formulate a business plan that analyzes ones goals and how long the project will last. They should prepare an orals presentation for the zoning meeting. They should also find out whether anyone else re-zoned a property within the neighborhood to carry out a similar venture. They should provide confident answers to questions from members of the zoning board. Patience is also a vital virtue during the rezoning process, which may last longer than expected.


Zoning helps to allocate various land-uses within a region. There are several forms of zoning such as residential, viable, and industrial. Individuals should follow the required steps to re-zone property. The most imperative re-zoning concern is formulating a business plan because the zoning board has to analyze the benefits of the strategy to the rest of the community.