Art of Mobile Channel Marketing, Research Paper Example

Communication could be considered as one of the most important tools that promote effective strategies of marketing among business operators. The fact is, most of the large companies existing in the world today utilize communication to its fullest to be able to reach a commendable number of individuals to whom they can present their products to. Nokia, one of today’s most successful mobile businesses around the globe, is notably able to embrace the culture of mobile channel marketing to communicate and reach out to their target market. In the discussion that follows, the effectiveness of such operation is to be examined based on the results of sales from company-popularity shall be measured.

Mobile channel marketing is basically the process of utilizing mobile communication as the basis of a company’s territorial control of the market. The way to do it is to first acquire information from the regular clients of the business. Nokia has been thriving in a highly competitive industry and getting into the level of pioneering on particular innovations has become one of its most important cultures of work ever since. To make sure that they are able to get hold of their clients’ interest, the company drives for communicative campaign that ties it up with subscribers of some of the top-mobile service communication providers in the country [and even in an international scope]. Through this, they are able to influence the service subscribers through mobile alerts serving as their primary marketing messages to the major users of the said communication gadgets. On the other end, clients who were able to get hold of the gadgets that Nokia serves the market with are given special access to specific services and connections that the organization has, practically, this approach improves client-loyalty which would allow the company to hold tight on the interest of their regular clients.

The process of targeting, acquiring and retaining clients through mobile channel marketing is one of Nokia’s strongest sources of competence in serving the mobile-communication industry. Giving specific ‘perks’ or free offers to the clients who bought their products, the company is able to attract the attention of others who might be considering buying their products as well. Most likely, this approach includes cloud computing. Gathering the connection and alliances that the company forms with other service providers in the mobile industry, Nokia is able to provide extra services to their market. Relatively, this attraction entices the interest of others. The psychological impact of ‘getting more for less’ then becomes highly effective in making sure that the market is able to take note of the advancements that the organization is basically engaged with, thus getting the best benefits that the company offers to their patrons.

As a result of all the efforts of Nokia to tangle-up mobile channel marketing into their traditional ways of reaching to the market they want to serve, the company is currently ranked as top 3 among all the most loved brands of mobile gadgets worldwide. Extending the capacity of the organization to communicate with the people they hope would accept their products has allowed Nokia to compete with other brands, both international and local, and make sure that their share of the market would remain to be under their control. The challenge of further improving the rate of clients accepting and buying their products remains to be a source of distinctive direction on where Nokia is headed which is towards further improving the way it utilizes mobile technology to promote the innovative products it offers.

For organizations that want to gain strong market control like that of Nokia, integrating mobile channel marketing into an Omni-channel marketing would involve specific adjustments. Communicating to clients and other prospective individuals who might want to try out the company’s product shall involve specific conditions of adjustment including the process of syncing operations through cloud computing. Utilizing web applications to make sure that the messages sent out by the organization reaches the maximum number of individuals is essential. The effectiveness of the message is also vital to the campaign; regarding this, it should be put into mind that the consideration over how such short messages sent through mobile gadgets would immediately get the attention of the ones reading and push them to check out what the company has to offer.

The cultures of being brief, precise and intriguing are among the most important elements of communication-psychology that the aspect of mobile channel marketing is strongly grounded upon. Most often than not, it is the capacity of the organization to mix-in such culture into the process of Omni-channel marketing that would make mobile channel marketing work for the best benefits of the business. The strong control of the market would only be established based on how much effect the process of mobile communication has on the thinking and the perception of the market that the organization serves. In today’s highly competitive culture of operation among businesses, it could be understood that mobile channel marketing is considered as one of the best options of developing and distinctively improving marketing strategies that define the ground work of an organization’s capacity to promote and directly get the attention of the market to buy what they have to offer. Relatively, with the effective use of such operations, businesses that are used to using the traditional ways of marketing are now facing the great challenge of getting into the trend of modern marketing culture. Most often than not, it is the ways of adjustments and effective change in culture that businesses, both established and still growing, could gain the same success that Nokia has been embarked with ever since the time the organization embraced the process of mobile channel marketing.