Nokia: Best Practice, Case Study Example

Different platforms require different strategies. From designing your mobile-compatible landing page, to knowing how and where to target your customers via mobile devices, mobile marketing is a vast and diverse area that has limitless potential.


Nokia devices are the third most loved mobile gadgets in the world. This has been enabled through the ability of Nokia to integrating Omni-Channel marketing into their devices and services. Nokia has developed an integrated their mobile marketing strategies into their unique platform by using different approaches to achieve their desired mobile marketing goals.

The success of Nokia’s mobile marketing strategies has been pegged on two different styles of approaches towards mobile marketing. Bothe of them are not only successful but dependent on different factors that may suit the desired goals set by the marketing team.

Market-led Strategies

The ability of a company to adapt to the ever changing market determines the company’s success in marketing. Nokia has managed to achieve this by evolving their marketing strategies towards the changing needs, tastes and trends in the global market.

Cloud computing is an emerging trend in the world of business. Nokia has managed to provide cloud computing services to the users of Nokia devices. This has enabled the company to successfully partner with cloud computing service providers to service their customers while at the same time market their services to its users.

Social media is a global phenomenon that has revolutionized communication. Nokia’s “Nokia Messaging for Social Networks” is a collection of all the top rated social media applications that are available on the Symbian and Windows Mobile platform. This has enabled Nokia to tap into the vast possibilities and potential that lies in marketing through social media. This app comes in all Nokia devices, providing all its users with the ability to connect to people around the world while staying updated with all the latest news about Nokia devices and developments.

Planned Approaches

Innovation is key to keeping a company competitive and marketable. The ability of any company to come up with new products that revolutionize the way certain aspects of the market operate, gives the company an edge of their rivals.

Nokia’s most innovative smartphone to date, the Lumia 920 boasts the most sensitive touchscreen in the market, wireless charging, a colorful unibody design with Carl Zeiss lens, PureView technology with Optical Image Stabilization, and a 4.5’’ PureMotion HD+ display. Through the creation of innovative designs of their products, Nokia has managed to take mobile marketing beyond the tradition boundaries of marketing. The company has managed to incorporate components from other companies to boost the quality of their products, while marketing these companies in the process.

The windows mobile platform for Nokia’s smartphones is quite different from Android and Apple platforms. The windows mobile platform is uniquely designed by Microsoft to give the Nokia devices access to windows software and applications that are not only secure and safe, but also reliable. Through the smartphone windows mobile platform, Nokia uses an app-based marketing technique. All of Nokia smartphone apps are linked to Microsoft marketing, allowing the Nokia-Microsoft partnership to yield revenue for both companies.

In-game mobile marketing is also a technique used by Nokia to enhance it mobile marketing. All mobile games available to Nokia users have a marketing aspect to them. All games are linked to the user data of every user and this generate the ads that are applicable and most logical according to the user’s history and data.

In conclusion, all of Nokia’s mobile marketing strategies are dependent on the platform of the given mobile device. Different platforms require different strategies.