Assessment, Essay Example

As a human resource manager, the decision to separate performance reviews from pay right after the project review closure will be guided by important reasons. Such reasons will be derived from different grounds. For instance, it is important to look at the purpose of the project, from this perspective, the human resource manager will pay the workers regardless of whether project is closed or not. A project may have a shorter time line, however, its completion below the expected timeline does not mean guarantee the organization to deny the workers their pay. In this scenario therefore, the organization is obliged to pay the workers and the aspect of performance review for the project should be done within the time period that the project was completed.

A project review may also reveal that the project in question was completed due to the reasons that cannot be attached to the performance of the employees. These reasons may include organizational changes, lack of adequate funding and changes presented by the client or the customer of the project. In this situation, the organization has the responsibility to pay the employees and thus separate issues of performance appraisal and pay from the project issues. the reasons for closure of the project in this scenario cannot be linked in any with the performance of the employees (Fletcher, 2009).

Change in priorities of the organization would also result to the closure of project review and therefore in this case there is no significant relationship between the changing priorities and performance appraisal. It will be therefore important to separate performance reviews from pay as the changes in priorities emanate from the decisions made by the management but not the employees.


Fletcher, C. (2009). Performance appraisal and management: The developing research agenda. Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology74): p.482.