BAM510: Joy S. Bryant, Essay Example

Examine one of the axioms of management and access its relationship with creating a high performing HR system within an organization.

There are many axioms of management that both managers and employees should follow in order to ensure that they have an optimally performing HR system within their organization. Typically institutions with high performing HR systems have an organized job hierarchy and work is organized and assigned to individuals and teams in a highly effective manner. One of the most important axioms of management in this setting is organized practices. Although many different organizations use different methods of accomplishing this, they all work in similar ways in that an organized business gets the most work done in the least amount of time which ultimately generates more profit.

One of the methods commonly used to help organize their HR system is called scientific management. While this technique is somewhat outdated, it was the first framework developed to achieve this kind of organization in the business world. Interestingly, this mode of thought partially derived from the development of the Ford Factory, the first business known to have made use of the assembly line method. Instead of focusing on production of the whole product at once, the scientific management uses the idea that one person should work on a single aspect of the production or project at once. This is ideal because these people are specialized in their one job and are able to perform their job responsibilities the best. Since the HR system has many responsibilities, it is efficient for this sector to utilize this strategy. For example, different individual personnel should be employed to do tasks like payroll, administrate employee benefits, and organize the HR management system.

Another method commonly used in the organization of HR management systems is known as total quality management, which places emphasis on good customer service and product delivery. The main philosophy behind this type of organizational technique is that when a business analyze what it does correctly and incorrectly using statistical methods, it will be more able to serve its clients effectively by using this information to change their practices. The most important aspect of this technique is that it emphasizes teamwork. Teamwork is important in HR system management because it directly contributes to the productivity of the organization.

A third organization method used in HR management is known as socio-technical systems design and focuses on groups of workers who have once specialized task and supervisors who are responsible for monitoring them and ensuring their success. Positive reinforcement for workers who perform well in addition to punishing poorly performing employees contributes to better productivity for businesses. For example, the employees who do payroll should be united under one manager and each have their individualized tasks to accomplish this specific job.

Although there are many methods that can be used to achieve a high performing HR system, each method is optimal according to a company’s specific needs. A combination of these methods may be useful in some situations.