Supply Chain Management and Process Control, Essay Example

Monitoring and control are essential in designing and re-designing systems when implementing the Six Sigma project. This translated to supply chain management means that controlling and monitoring the different phases of the system can successfully identify the key performance indicators and provide data for development. Supply chain management can be made more efficient, cost-effective and productive through monitoring and control.

Stages of operational effectiveness are useful when determining where the organization stands in terms of production, efficient processes and waste. Determining the level the organization utilizes resources can help identifying improvement areas, as well as the introduction of changes that create competitive advantage.

Balanced scorecard reports are efficient in measuring performance. They are also helpful in developing the strategy for implementing the change, determining measurements to monitor and maintain financial, customer, internal business process and learning and growth performances. The balance scorecard development should be initiated from the top management and within supply chain management they can translate organizational goals to various measurements.

Process control systems should be flexible, cost-effective, as well as simple to operate in a timely manner. Further, it should be created to be ethical, easy to maintain and changeable. The two types of statistical process control are measuring variables or inspecting characteristics. Within supply chain management, it is likely that variable measurements would provide the leadership of the organization with valuable data on processes and improvement areas.

Service quality control can be measured through customer satisfaction surveys, providing additional information. While statistical data is crucial, one of the most important measurements is customer satisfaction, which influences market share, profits and overall organizational performance. It also helps managers identify the main problems within the system that need to be addressed.