Boiling Springs State Park, Essay Example


Boiling Springs State Park is located in the state of Oklahoma.  The park was constructed in the 1930’s  by a civilian conservation corps.  It was designed to showcase one of the most naturally occurring springs. In addition to the many geological features it supports a wide degree of wildlife and is extremely popular with campers and recreational visitors  (  The park is one of the first state parks in Oklahoma and has been famed for –  “the natural springs that appear to be boiling, the park is a small, green oasis in the vast western prairie”. (USA Today Travel).

Geological Features

First and foremost the Park is famous for its geothermal spring.  Although called boiling springs the water is not really that hot and this is more of an illusion  caused by the water rolling on sand at the bottom of the spring. Before it bubbles to the surface. The spring is said to produce some 30 gallons of water per minute  and is protected in a fenced off area to prevent visitors and the public from causing erosion in the area.  Set in some 820 acres of land the Park also contains lakes and rivers that permit a wide degree of sporting activities.  Room has been set aside for RV’s and Cabins that facilitate accommodation and amenities for visitors. The geology of the park largely consists of wind-blown sand dunes and alluvium valley wash.  There is also an impressive ledge of white dolomite along the Day Creek area, a long low bluff.

Nearby is Alabaster State Park that provides excellent examples of geological features including the largest gypsum cave in the world.  This contains many interesting mineral formations and massive boulders of pin, white and black color schemes. (WoodWard)

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