Irony for Exiled Men, Essay Example

Dear Maitre Hauchecorne,

My life has been a living proof that reality is the polar opposite of fiction and being a nice person doesn’t always pay. I was a careless person before marriage and had drinking addiction yet never got into any serious trouble. When I cleaned up my act for my family and became a responsible individual, the society and God punished me for something I didn’t commit. I have also realized relations are not entirely selfless. Even those closest to you are friends of good times only. My wife knew in her heart I was innocent and she even had an intuition bad luck may fall upon me. Yet she didn’t hesitate to leave me because I had become a social liability to her. The society might have wrongly imprisoned me for decades but I do not have any complaints against it. If your own people doubt you, how could you expect total strangers to believe your claims of innocence.

I had a great family and I never thought I would die alone and in a way, I was right. I have now prison mates who probably trust my good character more than anyone has ever done before. I probably had a very narrow definition of family so the experience has not entirely been a waste. Yet I have not lost faith in the society. We do not live in a perfect world. Had I been born and convicted few centuries ago, I might have been treated much more harshly. I  hope that in a world few decades from now, the justice system will have improved greatly and there would be lot fewer Maitre Hauchecornes in prison.