Capitalism Economic System, Essay Example

The aspect of capitalism as a system of economic development in the United States has been noted to operate in the country. This economic system is expected to be based upon the operation of labour. Note that at present, the existence of the ESOP system envelopes most of the corporate operations in the country. ESOP or Employee Share Ownership Plan is a corporal operation that involves company owners sharing their profit with their employees through allowing them to get their own shares. This means that apart from their salary, the employees also receive a percentage from the overall profit of the company within a certain span of time. At this point, ESOP does provide a sense of assessment to the specific process by which the labour force of the organization is protected well. On the other end, the benefit the organizations receive from the said systems account to a better performance from the people especially affecting the profit increase of the companies are relative to the retaliating worth of the operation towards the business organizations concerned. This way, the operation defines the US economic system to be based upon the operations of capitalistic and socialistic approach whereas business entities are defined by their responsibility to provide the public with an essence of ownership as part of their organization. True, the interrelated connection that ESOP provides to both the public and the business entities creates a picture of mix economic approach that the United States is currently dependent upon.


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