Children Leaflet, Essay Example

Ways to Protect Our Children

Today, there are many dangers awaiting children in life, all affecting their personal development and psychological well-being. In modern society, the common thrilling experiences and risky play, family and peer pressure, relationships create elevated stress. Sandester and Kennair (2011, p. 257) confirm that anxiety and fear are getting more prevalent among young kids. The below guide is designed to help parents understand their children’s development and support them in becoming confident, self-respecting and successful adults.

The effects of divorce on children

Short-term effects:

lack of discipline and supervision


social adjustment difficulties

lower self-concept

Long-term effects:   

feel of sorrow

problematic parent-child relationship throughout life

moderate or severe clinical depression

fear of commitment

problematic relationships

What you as a parent can do:

help chiildren relieve anxiety

agreeing in terms of visitation and custody early

family and friend support system establishment

letting children feel that they are loved and supported

How video games affect violence in children

Effects of regular long term video games use: 

aggressive behaviour

anti-social behaviour

lack of empathy

What you as a parent can do:

filter media messages and games to be suitable for the

emotional development of the child and age

restrict use of video games

talk about the effects and scenes of the game

The value and/or harm of online relationships for adolescents / Danger of interactive online communication

Peer pressure

Anonymity of people kids get into contact with

Lack of monitoring

Losing sense of reality

What you as a parent can do

check out online ratings of websites your child visits

talk about online relationships

build a trusting relationship with your child, install child safety software


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